Have you ever wanted to dedicate 24 hours to extend your knowledge and learn a new technology platform, framework, or area? HackTCNJ is the perfect time to jump into a new area. We'll have development professionals on hand to engage, inspire and assist as much or as little as you wish. Come inspired and show us how creative you can be!



Maximum team size: 4

Maximum awesomeness: INFINITY


When you are finished with your hack, submit a link to Github or wherever else your project is hosted on this ChallengePost site.

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,310 in prizes

Best Design

$500 credit for GraphicStock +
Chromecast Media Player

Technical Achievement

Ultimate Ras Pi Kit + Oreilly
Books gift cards

Most Unique

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Most Useful

Hacker Travel Pack

Funniest Hack

DKnight Portable Speakers +
$500 GraphicStock Credit

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nicholas Vitovitch

Nicholas Vitovitch
SRI International

James Smits

James Smits

Sean Devlin

Sean Devlin

Ricardo Feliciano

Ricardo Feliciano

Judging Criteria

  • Best Design
  • Technical Achievement
  • Most Unique
  • Most Useful
  • Funniest Hack

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